McGizmo, Bead Bladst Aqua Ram with Engineerung sample XM-L2

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★McGizmo, "Beads Blasted Aqua Ram"

Sapphire window.
Wires : Ag=:92.5%
・Body : bead Blasted Ti 6Al-4V
・LED:Cree XM-L2 Engineeru¥ing sample U4 Above, bin 1D on BBL.
・Converter: Hive 4 steps converter Default setting = 1,400mAh at max. (1.8〜5.0V)

Current settˆgs and lumens
*1 : 1,400mA, 527Torch lumen
*2 : 530mA, 220-230 Torch lumen
*3 : 125mA, 55-58 Torch lumen

*4 : 15mA, 6-7 Torch lumen
・Runtime :High=Approximately 2 hours.
・Battery: AW's Protected 18650-3,400mAh. (3.7V)、One included, Used once or twice only

*Water Proof, 90m(300feets 、30minutes )

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Below is standard Aqua ram for size comparison with 2 x AA Mini Mag

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